Real Estate

The Odeon

At 30 stories, The Odeon at South Market is New Orleans’ tallest building in over three decades and the first to introduce true, luxury high-rise living Downtown. The Odeon needed a spirited brand to reflect a vision of wellness and leisure, and so we began the process of bringing it to life. Square Feet crafted the “Life in Balance” campaign to showcase a peaceful, harmonious space offering a well-rounded lifestyle amid the Downtown hustle and bustle. The campaign’s playful geometric elements, soothing palette, and airy design complement an elevated interiors and amenities package to create something truly unique in New Orleans.

The Odeon opened in late 2020 and quickly exceeded leasing goals, reaching full occupancy in just nine months.


Strategy, Naming, Copywriting, Logo Identity, Stationery System, Media Folder, Teaser and Marketing Website, Marketing Flyers, Digital Advertising, Direct Mail Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Branding, Temporary Signage, Permanent Signage
Photography Credit: Kelly Marshall & Romney Caruso